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Even though some casual fans may not want to admit it to strangers or close friends Ryquell Armstead Jersey , we who pay attention to competitions and leagues enjoy following the rise and fall of athletes, and we also like to read and hear about redemption stories.  such as the National Football League award an individual with the Comeback Player of the Year award for each season. Former Pro Bowl figures and All-Pro athletes who suffer injuries or encounter other setbacks redeem themselves and are recognized for returning to form. Famous names such as Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Rob Gronkowski Will Harris Jersey , Jordy Nelson and Keenan Allen all won CPOTY honors over the past decade. For all of the players who redeem themselves and silence any remaining critics and doubters, there are as many, if not more, examples of guys who couldn’t turn things back around after struggling through a campaign. The harsh reality with the NFL is that a veteran and proven commodity who experiences only a couple of poor seasons may lose his job if a team can save salary cap space by cutting ties with that individual. Until NFL contracts include larger amounts of guaranteed money past rookie deals— if that day ever comes — the line that separates a player who has redeemed himself from one who is released will remain thin. Every football fan knows that it’s much more than a game. Sure http://www.lionsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-austin-bryant-jersey , it’s something that most players play from the time they were kids when it was fun, but the reality is that professional sports is a business. As a matter of fact, it’s a BIG business.With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, every owner wants to see their team do the best they can on the field. While rebuilding years might be rough for a franchise’s fans Rashan Gary Jersey , just imagine how rough it is for the owner. They are footing the bill for the entire roster and in some cases the stadium that the team plays in as well.There is nobody on the “inside” of pro football that doesn’t look ahead. This has to be done to get the drop on other teams in hopes of landing that game-changing free agent or potential Hall of Fame draft pick. One of the things that are done quite regularly is to figure out who is staying and who is going.If a general manager can predict the future properly he just might be able to create a dynasty on the field and be remembered forever. This includes making educated guesses on who will stay with their current team and who will be leaving. Any inside information that could be found would be key in determining the fate of these players.We aren’t privy to this type of inside information but here are some good bets on who is moving on next year and who is staying put.
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