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It’s been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Washington Redskins Cheap Zack Martin Jersey , almost three years in fact. The last time Washington celebrated a victory over the Cowboys was the 2015 regular-season finale. You’ll remember that Kellen Moore started that game for the Cowboys and that it was the last time someone not named Dak Prescott did so at the quarterback position for the club. We’ve been in the Dak and Ezekiel Elliott era ever since, and the Washington Redskins have yet to taste anything but defeat against them.Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are perfect against WashingtonWashington has actually played a bit of an interesting role in the Dak and Zeke era up till now. The first win the two ever experienced with the Cowboys came in Washington during Week 2 of their rookie season, and their very first Thanksgiving Day game was against them as well (they will also play them this season on Thanksgiving). Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsLast season, the Cowboys were in the middle of getting right when they beat the Redskins in DC and Zeke missed the win in Arlington on the night that Dez Bryant became the franchise’s all-time leader in receiving touchdowns. Dallas enters this Sunday against Washington with another bit of frustration hanging over their heads. They have yet to win on the road this season (0-3) and still haven’t even won two games in a row at any point. They can knock out two birds with one stone should the scoreboard read in their favor at the end of Sunday’s game and history says that they’re likely to do it. Jason Garrett typically does well against the Redskins, tooIt’s not just Dak and Zeke that the Redskins struggle with, it’s basically any Cowboys team during the Jason Garrett era. Washington has only beaten the Cowboys four times in Garrett’s seven seasons as the head coach and one of them was the aforementioned game with Kellen Moore. Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsSomething is very different about these Redskins though and it’s their quarterback, Alex Smith. Dallas saw the top pick in the 2005 Draft just a year ago when he led the Kansas City Chiefs which was coincidentally the game they played after visiting Washington. Smith has played at an MVP level before in the NFL, but so far through five games (the Redskins have already been on bye) things haven’t exactly looked supreme in his new home. People love to say that you can toss records out the window when you’re talking about division rivalries because of how well the teams know each other. That’s definitely got some truth to it Cheap Cole Beasley Jersey , but obviously how good the teams are matters to an extent. If you do subscribe to history bearing itself out in some way just know that 100% of it is on the side of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. 100%... that’s good, right?Cowboys Game Ball of the week: The defense was the bright spot in loss to Panthers There is plenty of negative news coming out of the Cowboys 2018 season-opener loss to the Panthers. An anemic showing by the offense has basically overpowered any other narrative. Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to sit back and digest, we should recognize the fact that the Cowboys defense was ready to play. The offense and special teams (we’re looking at you Brett Maher) need to figure out their issues rather quickly, but if the Cowboys defense keeps playing like they did on Sunday, the team will be in position to win some football games.For a game ball award, we’ll go ahead and pick one member of the defense for special recognition. DeMarcus LawrenceThe Cowboys star defensive end didn’t disappoint as he had six solo tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack and one fumble recovery. The Lawrence we saw last year showed up again this year. Not only was he making plays Youth Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , but several T.V. shots of the defense between plays showed Lawrence talking to his fellow defenders, exhorting them to perform. In short, he was leading. For his efforts, Tank gets the game ball.While we’re here, let’s talk about the defense as a whole. First off, the most important metric - 16 points allowed. Normally, you’re going to win a lot of games allowing only 16 points. Scoring defense is the number one stat and the Cowboys defense passed, especially on a day when their offense gave them no help at all.During the game , we were all focusing like a laser on the Cowboys awful offense, so it was easy to miss some of the things the defense did. Like forcing two fumbles and recovering one. They also almost had an interception.Cam Newton only passed for 161 yards and had an 82.4 QB rating. The Panthers were four of 12 on third-down conversions and they were held under 300 yards (293). The defense came up with three sacks on the day.Yes, it’s kind of ridiculous to do comparative stats with other defenses after Week 1, but they do show how well the Cowboys did. They are fifth in total yards allowed, they are sixth in scoring defense, and they are ninth in sacks.Where they did fall down is in rushing defense. The team could not solve the problem of Cam Newton running the ball, he was Carolina’s leading rusher with 58 yards. They also allowed 4.6 yards per attempt, some of this has to do with Sean Lee’s terrible performance. One would hope he’ll turn things around quickly.All in all Cheap Sean Lee Jersey , though, Cowboys fans should at least be pleased with this side of the ball. At least one of the three phases of the game came ready to play, while the offense and special teams need to prove themselves in Week 2.
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