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We don’t have to do this. We can be better. Why are we the way we are?It’s 2018. We’re mired in an crisis of conscience to decide what we sincerely care about. We can’t separate spin from sincerity. Everything is awash in a constant barrage of reaction.Yesterday http://www.ramsfootballauthentics.com/aaron-donald-jersey-authentic , Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance in Week 6. And for understandable reasons. He broke 200 rushing yards. He got into the end zone twice. He made fantasy owners worldwide chortle.The problem of course is that he wasn’t the most dominant player (or perhaps unit) on the field. No, the most dominant entity in Week 6 was the Rams’ offensive line which, in the running game, completely decimated the Denver Broncos’ defense.And yet Gurley won OPOW.And of course he did. He broke 200 yards! He got in the end zone twice! Rams fans and fantasy owners rejoiced! And lo did the offensive line wallow in the silence...How many of those 208 yards were really the offensive line’s though? How many yards did Gurley rack up without being touched simply running through space? How many were a function of the playcalling supported by fantastic blocking from the offensive line? That shouldn’t take anything away from Gurley. And of course it hasn’t. Gurley won OPOW. He’s garnered headlines from around the NFL’s national media.The offensive line has not.And that’s the bias at work that I think we should be able to highlight more often.In talking to various media members this week and looking at fan responses on social media and in the comments, it’s clear there’s an inherent bias against offensive linemen. I’m not sure why. It may be the lack of traditional quantifiable statistics. Quarterbacks and running backs and wide receivers rack up yards and touchdowns. Defensive players put together sacks and tackles and turnovers. Offensive linemen put up...uh...well, yeah. And it may be just the historical lack of accolades afforded to big men.Consider in a week where the line was so spectacular in the running game and Gurley won OPOW that no OL wins OPOW. In fact, every position is capable of winning the award outside of offensive linemen...and long snappers. Between the Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams players of the week, every single position player is afforded the opportunity to win this accolade except members of the offensive line and long snappers.Doesn’t that seem strange?And what’s perhaps more interesting is that as I nudged this idea this week, I got a bunch of responses that reiterated the bias against offensive linemen in two forms#1.) A bias against offensive linemen because they’re offensive linemenFrom several media members and fans Womens Lamarcus Joyner Jersey , I got responses that suggested offensive linemen didn’t necessarily need accolades or acknowledgement. Or at least they needed less of it.Here’s an illuminating example from the Rams’ radio broadcast lead, JB Long:Think about this. Long is saying the OL is getting the credit they deserve because (paraphrasing here) they’re ranked #1 by Pro Football Focus.We would never, ever accept the idea that a running back or a wide receiver or star defender (and of course not a golden boy QB) was getting an acceptable level of credit simply because they had a good grade at Football Outsiders. We lavish them with praise and awards and headlines.But for offensive linemen, they grade out well and well...that’s enough for them. And it’s going to have to be because, as I mentioned, OL don’t get awards. It’s been baked into our consciousness long enough to know this and to buy into it. But poking at that revealed the second manifestation of an anti-OL bias.2.) A bias so strong against OL that people would rather negate awards altogether rather than give them to the OLAnd this was the weird one that really illuminated to me how strong the bias is.When I mentioned this to media/fans, I got numerous responses that were meant to support the idea that the OL didn’t need awards. But what those responses really symbolized were arguments to get rid of the awards themselves. Presented with the idea of giving them to offensive linemen, the bias instinctively suggests that if an award is going to be given to an offensive lineman, we shouldn’t have awards in the first place.“They don’t need awards. They’ll be happy just winning games.”“Real fans know how good they’re playing. When we win the Super Bowl, nobody will care about the awards.These are actual responses that I got this week. Before Todd Gurley won OPOW. And not after he and Aaron Donald and Sean McVay won Offensive Player http://www.ramsfootballauthentics.com/john-johnson-jersey-authentic , Defensive Player and Head Coach of the Year last year. Weird that we don’t disparage awards when Gurley or Donald or hell, Blake Countess are winning them. But bring up offensive linemen and suddenly we don’t need awards at all! They’re meaningless! All that matters is wins! (but make sure to log on to Instagram to congratulate Todd for winning OPOW)It’s 2018. We can do better. Whether it’s creating an award for Offensive Line of the Week or figuring out why this bias is operating the way it is, I’m not sure what would help begin to rectify this problem.But it is a problem. And it’s one we can solve by figuring out a way to give the big beefy boys up front the kind of distinction they deserve compared to their professional peers.And we should start now. The Los Angeles Rams host the Green Bay Packers this week in a NFC showdown. Add to the storyline that QBs Aaron Rodgers and Jared Goff both went to Cal and this game continues to have interesting angles. While Rodgers is a very talented player (some would argue the most talented QB in the game now), there are a multitude of players who could cause trouble for the Rams they go for 8-0. The Rams will have their hands full as the Packers had an extra week to prepare. QB Aaron RodgersThe Packers go as Aaron Rodgers goes. Nursing a knee tweak from his game against the Chicago Bears, Rodgers is continuing to get healthy as he enters the contest. For the season, Rodgers isn’t posting gaudy stats as we’re accustomed to but make no mistake, he’s still very elite. For the season, Rodgers has completed 61.4% of his passes for 1,997 yards with 12 TD, 1 INT Youth Ndamukong Suh Jersey , and a QBR of 52.9. LB Blake MartinezGuess who has been the best linebacker for the Packers this season? It’s been Martinez and not Clay Matthews. Martinez leads the Packers with 51 combined tackles while also contributing in the pass rush with three sacks. Martinez entered the bye week as the #8 linebacker according to PFF and he’ll have the responsibility of trying to slow down Todd Gurley.RB Aaron JonesPerhaps the biggest mystery of the Packers offense is how little the team is using RB Aaron Jones. Coming off a suspension, Jones continues to lead the backfield in terms of yards per carry. Jones is averaging 5.9 ypc and hopes to get more involved in the gameplan. Perhaps with the bye week, the staff may look to get the talented back more involved.(For the sake of fantasy owners everywhere, #FreeAaronJones)S Ha Ha Clinton-DixClinton-Dix paces the Packers defense. Considered the best player on that side of the ball according to PFF, Clinton-Dix has 23 combined tackles while also contributing with three interceptions, one forced fumble, and one sack. Clinton-Dix will have a challenge in covering Rams WRs Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods as Cooper Kupp is expected to miss the contest. Look for the Rams to perhaps avoid Clinton-Dix in the contest.WR Davante AdamsIf there’s a receiver that Rodgers trusts, it’s Adams who leads the Packers in most receiving metrics. With 71 targets so far in the season, Adams has caught 47 receptions for 557 yards and six touchdowns. The Rams secondary will do their best to contain the Adams-Rodgers connection.
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